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How These 5 Travel Apps Can Change Your Life

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Finding information directly from your smartphone has become the normal way of living. I mean, we use our smartphones to access apps for almost everything from social media to dining to shopping and more. And when it comes to travel, it’s no different. You can shop and book the best travel deals, get updates, and notifications on key information for travel safety, plan the ultimate itinerary for your adventure, make dinner reservations, book a photo shoot and more all from the use of your trusty smartphone. Yes, that mini desktop computer works magic!

While there is no shortage of travel apps and each app applies accordingly to your travel expectations and desires, we’ve listed below our favorite travel apps for 2020 and how these apps can change your life.

WhatsApp (Android, iOS)

WhatsApp is a free app for iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows Phone, Mac laptops and Windows PC. The app allows you to send messages, pictures, videos, voice recordings and make voice and video calls over the internet for free, instead of using your mobile network service. The app is compatible, so Android owners can communicate with iPhone owners without any technical issues. Just be sure that you are connected to wi-fi as WhatsApp will use mobile data connection if you are not.

This app is perfect for staying connected to loved ones while traveling abroad. You can also create group chats making the app an even more preferred choice for communicating with those who you are traveling with.

Duolingo (Android, iOS)

Getting lost in a foreign city may be one hell of a travel experience in a fun way but how much fun can it really be without interacting with the the local language? While Google Translate is no doubt one of the top foreign language translator apps known, I especially appreciate Duolingo.

Duolingo is a free online language learning app dedicated to keeping learning fun, easy and simple. The app offers over 30 foreign languages to english speakers who are wanting to advance their skills by learning a new foreign language. The lessons are broken down into various levels and are accessible anytime anywhere right from your smartphone. So rather using a translator app, in just a few minutes a day you can learn a new foreign language. Not only will you be impressed but so will the locals.

PackPoint (Android, iOS)

How many times have you packed for a trip as if you were not returning home? Or, you under packed and wish you would have over packed? If this is you, PackPoint is here to change your life! The app is an online organizer creating an ideal packing list for your trip or planned activities. Just tell it where, when and what you’ll be doing and a customized packing list will be created for you based on your destination, length of stay and the weather. Once your list has been created, you can share the list with anyone who will be traveling with you.

While the app is free, you also have the opportunity to upgrade to PackPoint Premium for $2.99 where you can connect to Tripit, EverNote and customize your list accordingly.

LoungeBuddy (Android, iOS)

Let’s face it no one and I repeat...NO ONE likes connecting flights when traveling. Unfortunately, it’s just the way air travel goes. But who says having a 4 + hour connection can’t be rewarding for your pain and suffering as you patiently await your next flight? Sure you can walk around the terminals eat and people watch to melt time, but who wants to do that for 4 + hours? Especially when there is a luxury lounge with complimentary wi-fi, food, drinks and comfortable chairs and sofas awaiting you?

Gone are the days where airport lounges are only accessible to frequent fliers. And with the help of LoungeBuddy you can now access and purchase a lounge pass for your next trip. The app houses most major airports and airlines worldwide allowing you to purchase lounge access from 2 months up to day of departure. Access to the lounge area starts at $25.00 and will vary by airport and airline.

XE Currency Converter (Android, iOS)

Just like you monitor airfare you also want to be mindful of foreign currency exchange rates. After all, who wants to be short changed on a trip they worked so hard to save up for? Foreign currency exchange rates fluctuate according to the stock market, so it can change at any time.

The best way to stay updated and ensure you are getting the best rate in exchange for the maximum dollar is to download XE Currency Converter. The free app gives live updates of currency exchange rates plus the app works well offline.

Have you tried any of our favorite 5 Travel Apps? Is there an app we should consider? We welcome your comments and please share our blog with your social media audience, family and friends.

Anitra, The Travel Chik is founder of The Globe Trotting Divas, a premier online Travel Club connecting women and men to off beaten path travel experiences around the world. She is also owner of Wallet Happy Vacations Travel Agency located in Philadelphia, PA. Wallet Happy Vacations specializes in group travel to the Caribbean Islands, Africa, Asia and parts of Europe.

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