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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions about our hosted small group tours. These are the most frequently asked questions when booking our group getaways. Please review this FAQ page as some of your questions may be answered below. If you find that you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact us via email at


The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC is an online travel agency that offers women all over the world Off the Beaten Path Curated Group Travel Events. Since 2012, our owner, Anitra Byers, has been taking ladies around the world on curated itineraries that leave the traveler wanting more. We attract female professionals over the age of 40 who enjoy small group travel and are eager to explore new places. The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC is TRUE-certified to sell travel and has a $1 million E&O Liability Policy. More information about us can be found by clicking here.


What are your business hours?

We've switched to an online travel agency and no longer have a physical location. Our website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we are available by phone, Facebook Messenger, and Whats App Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. est.


What is your Social Media handle?

We have a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us @theglobetrottingdivas. 


What is the age range of your company’s Travel Events?

​Our itineraries attract and are carefully designed for women in their forties and fifties who want to travel, reconnect with life, spread love, good vibes, and live on purpose. These women are professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and friends, as well as trendsetters and innovators. Most travel events cater to women between the ages of 40 and 55, but women in their 30s and 60s have joined us!


What is the trip pace of your company’s travel events?

Our travel events are intended to be enjoyed at leisure. All of our tours have an off-the-beaten-path vibe, allowing our clients to fully immerse themselves in the destination. You'll notice that each travel event has its own theme and pace, depending on the itinerary. Our Bali Rejuvenate Getaway will include culture and history, entertainment, yoga and soul-care, gastronomy, and beaches. However, expect to do a lot of walking.

Do all of your tours include meals, events and activities?

We believe in making the most of our clients' travel experiences. Every one of our tours and getaways includes activities and events. The amount of activities and events will be determined by the length of stay. A four-night itinerary, for example, may include one event and one activity while a 5 night or greater stay will include various events and activities relevent to our destination from arrival to departure. Meals are included in the majority of our itineraries unless otherwise noted on the event page.


Is there someone from The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC who will be with the group for the entire trip?

Absolutely! At our host hotel or resort, our owner, Anitra, or one of our friendly and knowledgeable Travel Events Hosts will always greet you. In some cases, we will arrive a day or two ahead so that we can properly prepare to welcome you. 


When do we have to take the COVID test for our outbound or departure flight?

You must complete testing within 72 hours of your scheduled departure flight for countries that still require U.S. passport holders to arrive with a negative COVID test. The United States no longer requires a negative COVID test within 72 hours of your scheduled return flight for entry.


Do I need to take a COVID test before departure and returning to the United States?

Many countries are starting to welcome back U.S. passport holders. As such, As travel begin to loosen up again, many countries including the United States has downgraded their COVID travel restrictions.  The United States no longer requires a negative COVID test for entry. 


What if my group has to reschedule due to COVID?

We will make every effort to accommodate your group, including rescheduling or canceling your group booking, if your group is forced to reschedule due to COVID. If this occurs, and the canceled booking is due to the country being forced to shut down, we will issue full refunds less the cost of any travel insurance purchased through us.


Currently, while some countries have mandated mandatory vaccination for entry, not every country has done so. We strongly advise you to follow the CDC for the most recent alerts.


Will our hotel or resort provide free COVID testing? 

Most hotels and resorts provide free COVID testing, but this varies by destination and hotel chain. We will always inform you whether the test is free or not and whether it is performed on-site or off-site.


What happens if someone in my group test positive for COVID prior to or during travel?

If you or anyone in your group tests positive for COVID within 72 hours of departure, you must notify us immediately by phone or email. We will not be aware of your situation unless you notify us immediately. To update your booking, we will follow the cancellation guidelines and terms and conditions established by our booking agreement and vendors. This may or may not result in a financial loss.


Do I have to wear a facemask during travel?

We advise you to always take precautions to protect yourself and those around you. While many top destinations are beginning to relax restrictions, such as the use of facemasks, staying safe is essential to having a good time on any trip. While wearing a facemask is no longer required in most destinations, including the United States, we recommend that you bring one with you just in case.


If I cancel my reservation will I be refunded?

Because we offer all of our travel packages at the lowest possible price at the time of booking, all deposits and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. We strongly advise you to invest in your trip by purchasing Travel Insurance from our preferred Travel Insurance Provider, Travel Safe. You can also buy Travel Insurance on your own from any of your preferred providers.

What happens if my roommate cancels and I still want to travel?

If your roommate cancels and you stay on the reservation, it will be converted to single occupancy and you will be invoiced at the new rate.


If your roommate cancels after you have paid in full or after the entire booking has been paid in full, you will be held responsible for any additional costs. Because there will only be one person in the room, your reservation must be changed to single occupancy. This is because your reservation was initially booked at double occupancy, which resulted in a lower room cost.

How long will it take to process my refund? 

Refunds are processed at the time of the request. This procedure can take up to 21 business days to complete. However, in most cases, we process refunds within 14 business days or less.


What if I didn’t purchase Travel Protection and I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your trip but did not purchase travel insurance, we will follow the cancellation policies outlined in your booking agreement and by our vendor (s). This can lead to financial loss in many cases.



When is my initial deposit due?

We typically allow travelers 30 days from the original trip announcement date to book our tours. There are times, however, where the booking deadline is extended. 


How long do I have to make my final payment? What happens if I miss my final payment date?

Final payment is collected 50 days before departure, and your invoice will show your final payment due date. If you discover that you will be unable to make your final payment by the due date, you must contact us immediately to avoid automatic cancellation. If the final payment due date does not work for you, we will do our best to accommodate you, however, we can NOT guarantee an extension date.  


What is the maximum group size for your group tours?

Small-group trips are one of our specialties. Depending on the destination, our group sizes might range from 12 to 20 persons. Only 20 people are typically allowed to join us on our All-Inclusive Caribbean vacations. When it comes to our local and international travels, we limit the maximum group size from 12 to 16. All of our travel event pages will reflect the maximum group size.


Why are your group sizes so small?  

We believe in making the most of our clients travel experiences. We want our clients to be able to fully immerse themselves in the destination and explore off-limits without fear of missing out on important highlights of their trip. Larger groups make such an approach difficult, and we are not interested in interfering with our clients' travel goals and aspirations. When it comes to group sizes, we at The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC simply believe that less is more. Especially since we know what kind of experience we should and do provide. 


Do you offer Roommate Placement?

We do not, unfortunately, at the moment. However, this can change at any time, especially if you find yourself in need of a roommate. If this is the case, please email us here and let us know if you would like Roommate Placement Assistance in the future!

If I have a roommate do we have to book at the same time? 

If you have a roommate, both travelers must book on the same date. Once booked, both travelers on the reservation can make additional and final payments at any time without the other traveler. 

I haven’t yet applied for my passport. Can I still book a tour? 

Although a valid passport is required for international travel and you will be denied boarding if you do not have one, you can currently book international travel without one. However, we require that your passport information be provided to our agency at least 30 days prior to departure. Furthermore, all travelers booking international travel without a passport must complete our Passport Liability Release Disclaimer.


What are your payment options? 

Paypal is our payment processor. In addition to PayPal, you can make online payments through our website's secure payment form. When making online payments, all major credit cards are accepted. If you are paying with Paypal and do not have a PayPal account, please check out as a guest when prompted.


Do you offer a Deposit and Payment Plan Program?

Absolutely. Unless otherwise specified, all of our group travel events offer clients the option of paying in full at the time of booking or making a low deposit and taking advantage of our flexible payment plan. The final payment is due 50 days before departure. We require full payment at the time of booking if the reservation is made within 50 days of travel.


Are monthly payments required?

All of our tours require that you adhere to our payment plan. Depending on the trip cost, length, and destination, payment schedules will either be monthly or quarterly. 


Are passports and visas required for all international travel?

Yes. All international travel requires a valid passport that is valid for at least six months after the trip ends. Domestic travel (the United States and all U.S. territories) allows citizens of the United States to travel without a passport. Without a passport, you can visit Puerto Rico, the Hawaiian Islands, and the United States Virgin Islands. 


All international travel does not require a visa. If a visa is required for your tour, we will provide complete information on the event webpage.


When Will I receive my Travel Itinerary?

Official Travel Documents are sent to each traveler via email within 30 days of departure as long as full payment has been received by the assigned due date.

What if my passport doesn’t arrive in time?

If your passport doesn't arrive in time please contact us right away. 


Can I travel if my passport expires one month after my trip dates?

No, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your trip is over. Before leaving, you must renew your passport.


My middle name is on my passport but I didn’t record it on my booking form. How can I fix it?

Please contact us via email We will update your name because it must match what is on your passport. Please be aware that there are change fees. These charges can range between $100 and $500 per name change. In some cases, name changes are not permitted.

If your question has not been addressed please click below to email us directly. 

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