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6 Dope Themes That Will Help SLAY Your Next Girls Trip and Event Ideas to Use With Them

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

So it’s official! You’ve successfully planned your next (or first) Girls Trip. Your squad is officially booked and counting down the hours until you land at your destination. And even better, your Travel Advisor has secured your group’s travel arrangements at your first choice resort so now you KNOW you and the girls must arrive to SLAY!

As relief sets in applauding you for finally booking your trip, you're excited and feeling so many other good vibes, too. But you also remind yourself that this isn't just ANY trip. It's one that's been delayed for a couple of years now. And one that simply needs to SLAY!

Sis, I got you. Here are 6 Dope Themes That Will Help SLAY Your Next Girls Trip and Event Ideas to Use With Them:

6. Headwrap Soiree - Who doesn’t love a nice Headwrap? And who doesn’t travel with their headwraps if they do wear them? A Headwrap Themed Girls Trip

isn’t one I see very often, but one I feel we should. Isn’t it time we headwrap fans started rocking our crowns… GLOBALLY?! Plus, there are so many fun ways to really put this theme together. If your group uses this theme, please tag me on Instagram @theglobetrottingdivas. I'd LOVE to see those gorgeous photos!

Event/Activity Ideas

Headwraps in the Park Catered Lunch

Headwrap Photoshoot While Sightseeing

Headwrap Workshop where you can learn to make your own wrap

5. Old Skool Music and Culture - If your group is a lover of Old Skool Music and Culture like me, then you can really SLAY this one! Your events and activities should really set the tone, but don't burn yourself out with planning. In a future blog post, I'll share with you some tips on how Group Leaders can delegate tasks to make for a better planning experience. But this theme, if done right, will turn heads like that one friend we all have who enters the room dancing like Mary J. Blige!

Event/Activity Ideas

Old Skool Hip Hop Happy Hour, Pool Party, or Beach Party

Neon Nights Friday (or whichever day you like!)

Afros, Bell Bottoms and Brunch

4. New Year’s Eve - One of the most sought after times of year to travel is for New Year’s Eve festivities and celebrations. And also to experience bringing in a new year in a different country with family and friends. Although not as cost attractive as other times of year to travel so heads up to the budget-conscious group! But treat this as a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, and go ahead and splurge. After all, it IS a new year, new YOU, right?!

Event/Activity Ideas

Arabian Nights on the Beach with Live Entertainment

High Roller & Stilettos

3. Jamaica Me Crazy - Jamaica… the starting point of almost every EPIC Girls Trip. And no girl squad is completely satisfied without at least one trip to the Island of Alright. So whether your group is en route to Jamaica within the next few months or you've just begun planning for a future date, you can turn this theme up or down as you wish because it's Jamaica, so no worries! I recommend rocking Jamaica flag colors for the events listed below or any events your group may host. So as you plan to experience one of the world's most visited destinations, there's only one question to ask your group: Are YOU ready for the good times that await? Now I highly doubt you'll get a n

o, but even if so, just get them on the plane anyway!

Event/Activity Ideas

Reggae Nights Bar Crawl

Rum Punch then Jerk Street Food Tour

2. Color Pop - Have you ever been at your hotel and noticed a group of ladies wearing the same color attire with coordinated jewelry but weren't part of a Wedding Party? Or you may have seen a beach photoshoot with a group of ladies at your resort rocking vibrant happy colors. Chances are both groups decided on a Color Pop Theme for their trip. Outside of a wedding, it's actually pretty common and popular for Girls Trips. Plus, we think the Color Pop Theme is the 2nd strongest of the 6 themes mentioned when it comes to expressing love, unity, and peace within yo

ur group. I recommend you and your group choose a color together that represents your friendship. OR select a vibrant, happy color that your group agrees on. I personally like various shades of pinks and yellows. But when in doubt BLACK for the win!

Event/Activity Ideas

Private All White Champagne Yacht Cruise

Denim and Pearls at the Vineyard

Little Black Dress & Cigars

1. Self-Care and Wellness - Self-care is so important and in my opinion, booking a trip alone is the roadmap to set your mind free! Hosting your next Girls Trip with a Self Care and Wellness theme can really SLAY your event. Honestly, there are so many of us going through right now. But sadly and as painful as it is, not everyone will admit it. So a trip that focuses on both, Self Care and Wellness can be a "silent" game-changer and one of the most life-changing travel events your group will ever experience. Think outside the box if choosing this theme. Be creative with the events you plan for your group because Self - Care and Wellness already signals boredom to most people. Careful and thought-out planning is required from the destination and resort down to the exact activities you'll engage in. And may I also add that this theme is not for the faint or nervous Group Leader. But again, do NOT burn yourself out. If you've never planned a themed trip or never experienced a Self Care and Wellness vacation, I highly recommend your group work with a Group Travel Agency like The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC to help bring your event to life.

Event/Activity Ideas

Private Group Nature Walk, Hike, and Hot Springs Experience

Private Group Yoga Experience and Skincare Class

Private Group Vegan Cooking and Gardening Class


Self Care/Self Love Day for each Bestie.

Now that you have some ideas of how you can slay your next Girls Trip, which theme(s) are you and your Girl Squad using for your next Group Trip? Can you think of any themes that should be added to this list? Drop your comments below. I can't wait to read your thoughts! Sharing is caring so be sure to share our blog with your Girl Squad and subscribe for future posts.

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