About Us

As the owner of The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC and a Philadelphia native, Anitra Byers has been bringing like-minded women together through travel for over 10 years with her explosive Small Group Travel Events that take clients off the beaten path allowing for the most genuine and authentic travel experience.  In August 2011, after yearning for a Travel Club that offered group getaways attracting women of color that were inclusive and diverse yet, exciting and valuable, Anitra knew it was time to do something. And in August 2011 after putting her trust in GOD and leaning on faith, The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC was born!

Over the years our growth has led us to experience travel from a more personable and mental perspective. So you will find that many, if not all of our travel events will include the opportunity for Self Care and Self Reflection. So no matter if it’s Spa Day at the resort in Costa Rica or a leisure day in Bangkok for meditation and self-empowerment, we realize in addition to travel, Self Care and Self Reflection are key to living your best life! In 2020, after successfully transitioning from a Travel Club to an Online Travel Agency specializing in Custom Small Group Travel Events for women over age 35 and in 2021 forming as an LLC, we are delighted to be recognized as a leading online group travel agency, with a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our very own Private Travel Community where we share new trip alerts, the latest in travel news & trends, our blog posts, prize giveaways, travel tips, destination ideas, travel stories and more from our staff, clients, influencers, vendors, and followers. 

Adding to our expertise, we are a proud One Love Jamaica Group Travel Specialist and pride ourselves on the epic events we host on the island! Our Small Group Travel Events offer an authentic experience when exploring and sightseeing, and our group sizes never exceed 20 travelers and you will always have a Travel Events Host from The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC with you for the full duration of your trip. While many find delight in traveling with us, the majority of our clients are middle - upper-class African-American Female Professionals aged 35 - 55, populating the Northeastern Corridor of the United States.

We LOVE meeting our clients, especially before travel, and we host up to 8 Social Events each year in Philadelphia, PA, or the surrounding areas. This allows our clients the opportunity to better know us and know what The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC stands for. We are always seeking ways to grow our Brand and Travel Community in the most positive way while we level up our itineraries to keep our clients inspired and empowered to travel and we are always on a hunt for new and explosive destinations.  

We invite YOU to step into a realm where your passport exposes you to a universe full of exquisite places, breathtaking sights and scenery, cultures you never knew existed, and mouth-watering cuisine that keeps you coming back for more. 

My name is Anitra, owner of The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC, and I can’t wait to show you the world!