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5 Reasons Why More Women Are Traveling Solo

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

You plan the ultimate trip with a dope ass itinerary. You share the trip idea with your family and friends. Everyone seems excited but as you get closer to the date of securing the trip with a deposit, one by one they all back out. Sounds familiar? Almost every traveler has been there. It’s the reason why I created The Globe Trotting Divas. And it’s the reason why you know about The Globe Trotting Divas! Maybe you’ve traveled with us. Or maybe you’ve rocked it solo. What ever the case, rejection finally has no place as more women are arriving to the airport with passport in hand ready to take on their next adventure...SOLO! Don't believe me? Here are 5 reasons why more women are traveling solo.

Bucket List Goals

When it comes to travel a bucket list isn’t always filled with must-see destinations. Many women have included the goal of traveling solo. They want to see what it’s like to travel someplace alone as solo travel often builds self-confidence and strengthens your mental health. I can attest that one of the best benefits of solo travel is peace of mind and relaxation. If traveling to a Caribbean Island or seeing an African Safari can all go on a bucket list why can’t solo travel?!

Tired of Asking Friends and Family

The year is now 2020 and I am happy to say that many women have STOPPED putting off their travel plans just because their family and friends won't travel with them. You go, girl! Congratulations on booking your trip and kissing the globe with your passport! Look at you on Social Media...yasss! We see you in Ghana, Iceland, Costa Rica, Jamaica, London and New Orleans doing it big all solo!

Motivated by Peers

When I was young my Grandfather would say to my sister and I “you never know whose watching”. Today more women are traveling solo then ever before. Some do it because it’s on their bucket list. Others do it because they are tired of asking family and friends. Then there is that group who are highly influenced and motivated by their peers whom they see traveling solo. If you’re a solo traveler, someone is out there following your adventure and it’ll be because of you that they put on their big girl panties, book the trip, pack that carry on and go! So please do keep sharing your journeys and motivating your peers.

Travel Clubs

Including The Globe Trotting Divas, there are thousands of travel clubs worldwide catering to travelers of all types. From the novice to the most seasoned traveler and all in between there is a travel club for almost every travel style. And with travel clubs being so popular today and pretty much the go-to platform when searching for trips, this has also made a way for women to travel alone with other like-minded women rather having to wait on family and friends. The Globe Trotting Divas was started for this very reason!

Social Media

You see the photos. You follow the pages. Your favorite Travel Agencies, Travel Clubs and Travel Influencers are amazing with sharing photos of women traveling solo. And if you think you're seeing these pics just because you are following them think again! These photos are showing up on your timeline not only because you follow the page but to also get you pumped up to travel...solo! Gone are the days of practically begging someone to go with you. Welcome to a world where women are no longer afraid to venture out solo. And as long as Social Media lives, the message will continue to be shared.

Safe & Happy Solo Travels!

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