3 Helpful Tips for Packing Your Carry-on

Often, the excitement of traveling and experiencing a new destination, atmosphere and culture sets the stage for how we will pack our luggage. For many travelers who are visiting a destination for the first time, luggage is often packed as there are no plans to return home! Since you’ve over packed, you now have checked baggage fees to face. And what can be more mind boggling then seeing the cost of checked baggage fees amount to more than a single monthly utility expense?

Below I’ve shared a few tips and suggestions on how to pack light by only bringing items and clothing you will actually need while on vacation. If you lighten your bag by packing only the essentials, you can actually save $50 or more per trip!

Tip#1 Consider Where You Are Traveling and The Length of Stay

Pack your bags according to your length of stay. A 4day/3night getaway requires minimum amount of changing clothes and you’ll most likely not count your travel days. So based on your length of stay, pack only for the days where you will be at your destination for full days. For instance, if traveling to Las Vegas for 4days/3nights leaving on Saturday returning on Tuesday pack clothing for arrival night, Sunday and Monday.

Tip# 2 Apply The Shirt to Pants Rule

We’ve all heard of The Shirt to Pants Rule, right? Well it applies even when traveling and especially if you want to pack where you’ll avoid paying an additional $50 or more round trip for your luggage to fly. Basically, the rule says this: for every 2 pairs of pants or shorts in your wardrobe, there should be at least 3 shirts that will match making it look as if you have 3-4 different outfits. Pack your luggage accordingly!

I’ve also used this rule when packing footwear. Pack footwear that you can dress down during the day and dress up at night. I personally recommend the interchangeable sandals by SUNSMILES. You can purchase soles in colors black or wood and there are a host of color and design options for laces where you can change them up as you please. This makes for perfect packing as you only have to bring along 2 pairs of sandals while the laces to change with your soles can easily be packed inside a smaller sized zip lock bag. Plus, it will appear as if you have more than one pair of sandals!

Tip #3- Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are the most convenient way for packing articles in your luggage. They are designed to limit clutter while allowing additional room in your suit case. They are usually sold pre-packaged in quantities of 4 - 5 cubes ranging from sizes small to extra-large. You can purchase Packing Cubes at most retail stores or online where luggage is sold and prices range from $9.99 and up depending on where you purchase. I purchased my first set of Travel Cubes 2 years ago from Groupon and they are still being used!

In sum, before you begin packing consider where it is that you are traveling and for how long. Then, apply The Shirt to Pants Rule and use it for packing footwear as well. Consider investing in a nice set of Travel Cubes as packing will become easier and more accommodating. Once you’ve applied these tips you’ll be carrying on while cashing in on savings from checked baggage fees.

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