3 Fun Tips to Plan Your Next Group Trip

There is nothing like being asked to plan the ultimate group getaway and you have no idea how to get started. Even with all of the ideas and suggestions gathered from the group of attendees there is still no light as to where to turn for guidance on planning the ultimate group vacation. The only thing that clings to mind is you cannot let your group down since they trusted you to plan an epic group travel event.

Sounds familiar? As a Travel Professional I organize group travel events on a regular basis so I am well familiar with the stress planning can take on group leaders. That’s why I felt it was necessary to share the below tips for planning group travel so that the next time you are asked to be a group leader it will be a smooth sail.

Travel Party

Everyone loves gathering for family & friends social events so why not gather to talk travel? Hosting a Travel Party is a hit! As a Group Leader, this is the perfect way for you to present a fun group travel event and take in any ideas and suggestions from those you will be traveling with. Make your party fun and lively by creating a theme. For instance, if it’s Jamaica that you’ll visit, play a mix of Reggae and Dance Hall, serve authentic Jamaican cuisine and show videos of Seven Mile Beach and Rick’s Café in Negril. Or watch all of the fun as Cool Runnings Catermaran Cruise sails to Ocho Rios so travelers can climb the infamous Dunn's River Falls. What ever the case, Jamaica is home to a host of beautiful beaches, attractions and exciting activities available to indulge in while on the island. And watching videos and listening to the local vibes of the island will help set the tone for your vacation idea and help pull in the “Yes! I’m in!”

Passport Party

If you and your group will be traveling to a destination where passports are required, hosting a Passport Party is fun and creates even more excitement for your upcoming adventure. Remember that passport processing is currently estimated at 4 - 6 weeks so your Passport Party should be planned not long after your Travel Party. It is a good idea to check all requirements and review the passport application process with your group as well.

Payment Social

Payment Socials should be made fun, simple and easy. Consider hosting two for your group; 1 to collect initial deposits and the second to collect final payments. Because many people choose not to be financially responsible for collecting large dollar amounts on another party’s behalf, often it is a good idea to invite your Travel Professional to these events. They attend the social, speak with your group and collect their deposits and payments leaving you, the Group Leader out of any risk or financial responsibility. Most Travel Agencies including Wallet Happy Vacations will also present additional payment options such as online, payment by phone or by mail.

After Party

Once your group returns home from your epic travel adventure, host an After Party to discuss your travel experiences. After, repeat the above tips to plan for your next group travel event.

Have you been asked to organized your family and friends group vacation? What do you think of the tips above?

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