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OCT 1 - 8, 2023

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Hey, friend!

My name is Anitra

And I'm the owner of The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC and your Group Travel Expert. I'm so glad you came to join our Sistahood through travel and find out how we can help you make travel memories that will last a lifetime and meet new people along the way. I've worked in the travel industry for more than 10 years, so I know what it takes to help you plan a trip you'll never forget without the stress and worries that often come with it.

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We suggest YOU Dust off your passport!

Are you ready to ink your passport with an off-the-beaten-path itinerary that will satisfy your wanderlust and keep you coming back for more? Then it's time to embark on a currated Small Group Tour with the Globe Trotting Divas, LLC!

Our Small Group Customized Tours are designed specifically for YOU so when you travel with us, the possibilities are endless, from private culture and sightseeing tours to cooking classes and dance lessons with locals. And of course there will be leisure time for you to explore on your own.


Group travel abroad, in our opinion, should force you to step beyond your comfort zone in ways you never thought possible. To ensure that our clients have the most unique and unforgettable experience possible throughout their travels, we tailor each of our small group travel events to include unique and off-the-beaten-path activities. The cultural, culinary, cooking class, dance lesson, adventure, soul care, private group party reception, sightseeing, and retail therapy components of our itineraries are designed to keep our guests actively involved in and excited about their trip experience.

We cater to mature women (over the age of 35) who prefer traveling in a small group and who are eager to make the most of their time away. To help us deliver on our promise we seek out black owned or local tour operators companies that can help us fulfill our purpose and can help maximize the overall travel experience. We don’t just throw trips together and expect you to book. We are dedicated to what we do and are committed to delivering what you expect and beyond!

We take great joy in creating a space where women from all walks of life can come together to bond over a love of travel. The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC provides a friendly and secure online community for women who enjoy exploring the world together to talk about their trips, swap stories and advice, brainstorm new destinations, and make new friends. By the end of 2023, we hope to have added 25% more women of color to our strong sistahood in traveling together in our safe travel community.


"Love this group! Lots of fun and good people! Some of the best vacations I've been on!"

Fatima A, PA

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Go Private

Treat You and the Girls

Let's be honest: every Girl Squad deserves a Girls Trip! And, while your schedule may not always coincide with our exclusive curated small group tours, that doesn't mean you and the girls can't have an authentic travel experience with The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC. So go ahead and throw a travel party with your girlfriends and let us plan your next private Group Getaway!


Our Travel Community

Are you seeking for a place to share your travel stories, from the corniest to the most wild, as well as your travel ideas, experiences, and tips? Are you ready to join a travel community where genuine networking takes place and lifelong sistahood is formed? Our environment is also a safe haven for you to be yourself! If this is YOU then you NEED to be part of our online travel community. It’s free to join and your passport will simply love you!

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Upcoming Events

Learn about us and our travel community! Come out for the ideal get-together with like-minded female travelers eager to tour the world and meet new people. Our activities are held in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas throughout the year. Our day trips take place in surrounding large cities such as New York City and Baltimore. Our meetups are an excellent opportunity to get to know The Globe Trotting Divas, LLC team and learn more about what we do. It's also an excellent chance to meet new people and exchange travel stories and experiences. Don't be shy! Come attend one of our gatherings. You will not be disappointed.

We can't wait to meet YOU!

No upcoming events at the moment

Off Beaten Passport

Looking for a travel blog that speaks to your soul? If so, then the Off Beaten Passport is exactly what you need. If you're seeking for travel tips and ideas, you'll find them on our blog. You'll be glad you stopped by because we review destinations, restaurants, hotels, and more to help you plan your next trip! And don’t forget to drop us a comment. Are you a guest blogger? Please get in touch if you'd like to work together.


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